For home security, lighting is an essential part of your home security defense and often the best value in home security. For providing effective security lighting, many people install glaring, uncomfortably bright flood lights without knowing their options for enhancing their security with lighting. This article reveals alternatives to ugly security lighting, lighting that also provides safety and ambiance.

Some people insist on security flood lights which I refer to as prison yard style.  Glaring flood lights are comparable to noisy car alarms that annoy those that hear it but no one responds to because we’re conditioned to them being false alarms as they usually are. Ironically, the people seeing the annoying glare of flood lights most often are the residents themselves.

Another irony is that those same residents may spend considerable time and money for their yards to look beautiful during the day though the best time to enjoy their yards when the weather is cooler and at home is at night.  That need not be.  Lighting that provides effective safety and security lighting need not be ugly.  With thoughtful design, yard lights can make intruders apparent and help get people’s attention yet also provide beautiful lighting for the enjoyment of those that see them most including the residents.

In addition to providing security,  properly designed yard lighting also provides safety at great value. With energy efficient lighting available today, lighting a 20 lamp system in a large city residence all night long would cost just cents per day.  In comparison,  a liability claim for someone falling on your property in unsafe lighting conditions costs many times more than the system itself and electricity over decades. The safety and security provided by properly designed yard lighting offers value with the added benefit of beauty that can be enjoyed night after night.

– Blair Budai