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Yard Lighting Enhancing Security, Safety, and Ambiance

In just two days we turned this dark front yard into a beautifully lit area. In doing so it added visable square footage and security for the night time hours.


After just 2 days!


Christmas Bliss with Lighting in Style

In as little as 45 days after Christmas lights are up they’re coming down. Was it worth it? For many of my clients and people who passed by that that got to take in the lights that bring joy, remind of cherished memories, and add to new memories with friends and family, young and old. Worth it? To us, oh yeah!


Police Week Downtown

Police Week honors the contributions of police to our community and others nationwide. The dangers to their jobs are real. The city of Bakersfield honors the memory of fallen officers by changing the nighttime lighting along Chester Ave median trees to a thin blue line. Lighting in Style is thankful to provide that lighting which represents the thin blue line that the police provide at great personal sacrifice against the darkness in support of peace and order, represented on alternating trees in white lighting as seen in the picture.

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