Bright Ideas for this April

Life springs eternal, we’ve heard, and it seems for some this year is challenging that. Nonetheless, valuable resources are available to brighten our lives abundantly, day in and day out, to those willing to let the light into their day even if it’s dark.

Let’s not make light of the effect of light, for it is a truly valuable resource in casting out gloom in our lives, daily, and has scientific studies to prove it. Studies don’t brighten our lives, however, unless we make use of what’s learned. So here are some timely lessons to brighten our lives and add spring into our step. 

Getting 30 to 45 minutes of sunlight a day brightens our bodies and souls if we let it by opening our eyes to it. Want to protect yourself from the glare? How about a hat? Wearing sunglasses while seeking to get the sun’s benefits works as well as wearing gloves while moisturizing your hands. Dark days can make us SAD, which people in Seattle and Alaska know with deadly effects, but the treatment for being sad like with Seasonally Affected Disorder is light, preferably sunlight. Bright, high energy light stimulates our bodies which can stave off depression even before getting SAD.

Can’t get out into the sun enough? Or the sun’s been hiding like it does in Seattle? Artificial light can be a life ring to keep you afloat during those dark days or months provided your indoor spaces are bright with high energy light. Grow lights for humans so to speak.  Want help lighting your spaces? Lighting in Style & Electrical both provides lighting and designs spaces for healthy, human focused lighting to meet your needs. 

For those with lights on dimmer switches, crank up the light during the day and shift it dimmer before bed. Few indoor spaces even at full brightness qualify as bright light, yet with today’s LEDs bright lights are available. The challenge is adding brightness without harsh glare. Need help? Ask Blair. 

Getting energized during the day also requires sleep at night, and light can help there too where less is more. So turn off those bright lights, dim them, or if you’re tech savvy have them dim themselves at night before sleep for an hour or so. Having a “night shift” as does your phone was learned the hard way by many on sleepless people on night shifts. Not just bright light, right light. And if you need help, let me know. 

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