Bright Ideas from the Lighting Guy

I have shared some of my rules and guidelines that I follow in lighting design, since they help me I share that you too may benefit. Today, I’m revoking one. My rule’s failing hit me almost literally. Now I’m converted.

Out with the old…
Glare is no friend of Blair

In with the new…

Purposeful glare serves Blair [and can serve you too]

Radical? Perhaps not. But awakening, oh yeah! And that’s the point. It hit me on a recent early morning as day broke while walking up the hill above our house. Turning to see the sun in all its glaring glory, my tired bod got energized. I felt it. I liked it!

How you can be served…

Moping around in the fog of early morning may be comfortable, but it’s not very useful. And that glorious glare of the sun has proven benefits to energize people out of it. Not just the sun’s bright light, though that’s recommended, but even artificial bright light such as in an office, kitchen, or other well lit areas. Note: most indoor areas don’t qualify.

What’s purposeful glare?

Bright lights designed not to blind those that look but to energize them to action. Appropriate venues are offices, warehouses, gyms, even sports stadiums. Turn on the lights and get ‘er done. Like caffeine only better and with less side effects.

But some glare does blind. What about that?

Yep. That glare too, intentionally done, serves a valuable purpose. Have you heard of a tactical flashlight? Designed to stop aggressors in their tracks. Motion sensor lights can have a

similar purpose when used for security rather than to light the driveway. While glare can have purpose, it clearly needs to have boundaries, even as it serves to enforce boundaries with light.

Simply put, glare jolts. After the past year, the jolt of the sun’s glare to begin my day is especially welcome. Too intense? Wearing a hat can block the glare without dimming the light, unlike sun glasses. Past the unpleasantness, glare is brilliantly useful (within boundaries).

May you too be at peace with that,


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