Bright Ideas from the Lighting Guy

By Blair Budai | July 1, 2021

I have shared some of my rules and guidelines that I follow in lighting design, since they help me I share that you too may benefit. Today, I’m revoking one. My rule’s failing hit me almost literally. Now I’m converted. Out with the old…Glare is no friend of Blair In…


Ideas to Brighten Your Mood

By Blair Budai | May 1, 2021

In the midst of Covid-19, sheltering in place, and the lockdowns of hospitals and senior care facilities, I’d like to help “brighten your mood”.   As a lighting designer, I study the effect light has on us mentally and physically above functionally.   Natural light is typically the best in…


Bright Ideas for this April

By Blair Budai | April 1, 2021

Life springs eternal, we’ve heard, and it seems for some this year is challenging that. Nonetheless, valuable resources are available to brighten our lives abundantly, day in and day out, to those willing to let the light into their day even if it’s dark. Let’s not make light of the…


Spring Greetings

By Blair Budai | March 1, 2021

This month’s bright ideas are by request to lighten up the blue days that have seemed more frequent this winter because right lighting is a powerful antidote to gloomy days. More than just revealing what you see, right lighting actually effects the way you feel, like a sunrise, sunset, or…


Better Lighting for Living Spaces

By Blair Budai | February 1, 2021

This month I’m sharing lighting tips that may bring transformation to your living spaces where you may be spending more time than ever before, so rather than looking at them in the same old ways, here are tips to transform them in a whole new light, to help define the…


Brighten Your Mood with Lighting

By Blair Budai | January 1, 2021

Do you want to brighten your mood? Brightening your environment with lighting can do just that. We know and studies show that lighting affects your mood, energy level, sleep, and even health. Examples include not getting to sleep due to bright light or feeling at peace viewing a sunset or in beautiful ambiance. Healthy, uplifting…


Christmas Lighting

By Blair Budai | December 1, 2020

Dear Clients, Friends, and Family,At this time more than any other of the year, I appreciate that light shines in the darkness, and I actually utilize that as the crew and I not only install Christmas lighting and other types, but test the results seen for the very first time.…



By Blair Budai | September 1, 2020

With this season change, so does our lighting needs. Daylight is decreasing faster this week than any other time of year, a reminder of changes ahead to help prepare and adapt. Cooler days, upcoming holidays, morning light and night fall affect our schedules.   Especially during this time of change, the…