Christmas Lighting

Dear Clients, Friends, and Family,
At this time more than any other of the year, I appreciate that light shines in the darkness, and I actually utilize that as the crew and I not only install Christmas lighting and other types, but test the results seen for the very first time. And darkness is essential for light to be fully revealed. So if you’ve seen my crew and I working late into the evening over the past 2 months, that’s why.

Christmas is special. As people the world over celebrate the Christ child’s birth, it occurs just after the shortest day when darkness exceeds light more than any other day of the year. In the midst of the darkness, the glory of that event is fully revealed. For you who appreciate beautiful lighting, the light is most beautiful when shining in darkness with brightness that’s pleasant and not overwhelming. Such is the beauty of light. And the value of darkness in revealing it.

Balance, as my dad taught me, is essential. With synthetic lighting (especially HID, LED, and laser) balance is a great challenge. Glare can overwhelm a viewer like a boom box in the night’s stillness.As a lighting designer, here’s my rule: glare is no friend of Blair. Not just catchy, a design philosophy.

And at Christmas time, Christmas lights shining with literally tens or hundreds of thousands of LED lights are challenged more than ever before to shine brightly without oppressive glare. Not easy, yet all the more reason to appreciate beautiful designs. This year while we’re not as mobile perhaps, we still have an opportunity to appreciate beautiful lighting. And I hope you will seek out opportunities to see the beauty around us. While it’s day, sure. And in transition to and from night as the sun rises and sets (a joy of mine). And in the dark of night when the beauty of light is most revealed. May your eyes be open to the beauty that is around us if we look for it.

May your Christmas be bright and in each day find beautiful light.

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