Ideas to Brighten Your Mood

In the midst of Covid-19, sheltering in place, and the lockdowns of hospitals and senior care facilities, I’d like to help “brighten your mood”.   As a lighting designer, I study the effect light has on us mentally and physically above functionally.   Natural light is typically the best in our shelters and workplaces however, additional light sources are necessary both day and night.

Without sufficient natural light inside to brighten our moods or help energize us, synthetic lighting becomes the alternative to bright, energizing natural light way beyond making things visible. 

  • So rise and shine with light if you want to be bright. 
    • Start the day with bright light, all the more while working.
  • When working, use light like a tool, get it right for the job. 
    • In the office, use bright light that’s not glaring or flickering. Even better are adjustable task 

lights to fill in the general lighting.

  • Relieve stress with soothing light. 
    • Simplistic? Depends on the source of stress, as wrong lighting can cause stress and be depressing.  The right lighting can help relieve stress and depressed atmospheres. Soothing light is soft not glaring, even without sharp contrasts, bright enough for the purpose where you 

need it, not where you don’t. Picture the ambiance of a favorite restaurant or sunset. 

  • Relaxafter really stressful times with blue…blue light that is.
    • Studies show blue light has a calming effect after stressful events.
  • Help rest and relaxation by avoiding blue light at night.
    • An oxymoron? Nope. A timing issue. At the right time, blue light helps relieve extreme stress. 

At the wrong times it impacts rest, disrupting your natural day rhythm also known as circadian rhythm.

I hope these tips help brighten your life. Want to brighten your life more?  Call me. 

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