With this season change, so does our lighting needs. Daylight is decreasing faster this week than any other time of year, a reminder of changes ahead to help prepare and adapt. Cooler days, upcoming holidays, morning light and night fall affect our schedules.  

Especially during this time of change, the light with which we see determines what we see, and how we adapt. People outdoors obviously see or are affected by the changes most, perhaps already working with outdoor lighting and fixing what isn’t working. Those indoors may notice they don’t need the air conditioning as much or they need light earlier in the morning and at night now. Either way, noticing helps us adapt. So does the light.
While sunlight decreases, we have more options today than any time in history on ways to light up our lives at work, at home, and in our comings and goings. It’s challenging to keep up on lighting solutions, with new products coming to market monthly and weekly. As a lighting designer and electrical contractor, I know.  I’ve built relationships with suppliers to not only keep current, but to provide value to meet my client’s needs with quality, price, and reliability. 

As you notice lighting needs, you don’t need to settle for the same old thing or doing without because there’s no power were you want it. Lighting in Style can help you get the light for your needs. Whether looking to brighten dark areas where there isn’t an outlet, to add ambiance, reduce operating expenses, or some combination, we can help. Our goal at Lighting in Style is to brighten your life.

With Christmas less than 3 months away and with it the longest nights of the year, now’s a great time to schedule your Christmas lighting.

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