Spring Greetings

This month’s bright ideas are by request to lighten up the blue days that have seemed more frequent this winter because right lighting is a powerful antidote to gloomy days. More than just revealing what you see, right lighting actually effects the way you feel, like a sunrise, sunset, or peaceful ambiance of a favorite place. Taking time to enjoy such beauty uplifts our souls.

Right lighting varies between day and night, indoors and out, and your personal needs and objectives at the time. But here are some useful guidelines for right lighting that can brighten your days.

  • Soak in 30 to 45 minutes of bright indirect lighting a day, and Sunlight is optimal
  • It’s our eyes that need the light most (indirectly). Sunglasses block the benefit
  • Sun lamps are a good substitute even helping against Seasonally Affected Disorder (SAD)
  • When indoors, let in the sunlight but use bright lighting to fill in shadows
  • Before bed eliminate bright lights by dimming, turning them off, or glasses that block blue
  • Use night shift on your devices (smart phones, tablets, monitors, and tvs)

Right lighting is no accident, and the more we depart from working with sunlight in the light of day, the more intentional we need to be to receive the light our mind, bodies, and souls need.  Let the light in! 

Need help? My goal is to help brighten your life.


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